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Since beginning our professional journey, we've been lucky to work on some exciting projects! Throughout the years, we have helped manage the creation/promotion of books, music, and videos. We are passionate about supporting artists with their creative endeavors! We also are known for providing local businesses with the tools they need to market themselves successfully. Feel free to email us to inquire on opportunities to collaborate.

Nathan was super understanding and easy to work with. He helped to complete one of my songs. I am looking forward to creating with Canyon House Art Productions again, hoping this is the start of a long-lasting music friendship.

- Mick Dev

Canyon House Productions is an amazing partner for all your entertainment needs. I've been working with Canyon House for over a year now. Canyon House produced 5 songs and 1 music video for me. You can view and listen to all Canyon House has done for me by searching Keytone (rapper) on all media platforms (YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, etc.). Canyon House did all the instrumental engineering, track mixing, photography, video production, and editing. I've been recording music close to 20 years. I've made my own beats, produced and edited my own videos, write and mix my own tracks, and still didn't feel like I had the sound I was looking for until I partnered with Canyon House.
Nathan is the brains behind Canyon House Productions. Nathan is honest, reliable, fair, and listens to the artist. Nathan only asks for what is fair when coming up with contracts for his customers. His main focus is his reputation and he doesn't break his integrity for a dollar. You can only expect to have a fair and honest business relationship while working with Canyon House Productions. I have nothing but good to say about Canyon House. I highly recommend this company for all your entertainment needs!
- Keytone


We recognize, now more than ever, the need to support our environment. For this reason, we contribute 10% of profits toward environmental repair.

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